The design concept of the Nadodrzański embankment revaluation between W. Sikorski’s and R. Dmowski’s bridges in Wrocław. (M.Sc. Landscape Architecture diploma)

The main assumption was designing the public area by the riverside, which will be characterized by high visual qualities and which will contribute to the joining of the embankment to the urban tissue. The concept assumes the creation of a stroller space, a leisure area and two harbours. The stroller space is situated along the riverside, the leisure area is located in the link between the Sikorski’s street and the embankment and in the western part of the area covered by the analysis. In the above mentioned links the main attraction are shallow water tanks, the form of which refers to the shape of ships (the reference to the transshipment harbour that already exists in this place). In the leisure area, in the western part of the embankmnent the introduction of the scenic platform and the multifunctional pavilion are predicted. The objects connected with the riverside are: the harbour for the individual vessels, and the water tram stop.