Porto Pool Promenade competition

Our planning strategy establishes an ecological revitalization of a part of the Douro River along with integrating it with the East of Ribeira part of the city, which is now divided by the Luis I Bridge. The strategy relies on spatial democracy on shore by allowing the citizens to fully profit and enjoy nature in the city. The strategy provides multifunctional public spaces which are attractive, accessible and sustainably use existing resources – improving the ecological values of Douro River. The proposal for multifunctional program contains: river port, swimming pool complex (a floating pool safe for children and disabled and bigger bottomless swimming pool for adults), wooden relax decks, wooden paths sheltered with higher plants, many view terraces and sitting points, performance stage, bars, shops and a restaurant. The facilities structure allow the possibility to develop other attractions in the future i.e. sauna complex. The area has been designed with respect to the context. We tried to establish a project line which can be adapted exactly to this part of the Douro River shore. The scheme not only adapts to this site of the river, but also minimizes intervention into its topography and helps maintaining savage state of nature. Our project consists of coastal line structures and additional longitudinal pavilions that hold attractors inside. Each part of a project is dedicated to a different function but does keep the ability to adapt i.e. a swimming pool can turned into ice skating area in winter. Every spot on the project is extended with balconies, terraces or stairs which intesify beautiful panoramas and views. Every spot extends the view and let us get closer to the river.
(in cooperation with Agnieszka Kachel)