Concept design of interior development between Psie Budy Street and Solny square in Wrocław. (B.Eng. Landscape Architecture diploma)

This interior is placed in boundaries of historical centre of Wrocław. The aim of this work is to raise the visual value of it and create the high standard space in its neighborhood as well. It is also very important to harmonize this interior with the monumental surroundings in order not influence negatively on the receipt of the whole assumption of the historical centre.This concept assumes the interior separation of two zones: public and half-public zones is a water element - „stream”, which is a reference to the old course of the urban moats in the city of Wrocław. In the half-public zone the space for inhabitans, which will salisfy the needs of all of the age groups, is created. The concept assumes the total surface exchange, changes in the green areas composition and the introduction off the small architecture elements.